One of our most successful and requested sustainable tours.

Visitors get to see first hand the lifestyle of this community Rocinha. If you are looking for an insider point of brazilian view, the Favela Tourism Workshop will introduce you to another Rio. Be assured this in an absolutely safe tour as the locals welcome tourists and visitors alike. You may also purchase locally handcrafted items while on tour.

Photo by Fabritzia Piasenski

A 3-hour daily tour
Everyday at 10:30am or 01h30pm.
On weekends at 11:00am
*From Copacabana District*
*Two hours walking inside the favela.
English / Spanish / French / Italian - Speaking Guides


Also available Dona Marta and Alemão Slum Community.
Consult availability and prices.

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Exotic Tours was the first Tourism Operator to do sightseeing inside Rocinha's favela. The favela tour is a walking tour inside the biggest slum in Latin America. Rejane Reis, owner of Exotic Tours, is the pioneer in tourism inside Rocinha and now she trains local people how to be guides as a sustainable project inside Rocinha. Our work inside favelas started in 1991 and has growing along these years and became an improvement project visited by many important TV’s, journals and magazines around the word and also thousands of people from the globe looking for different sightseeing's and points of view of Rio de Janeiro and its culture.

Your visit will help a local school as well as create work opportunities within the community. Our Sustainable Tourism Project was the first one inside favelas in Brazil. The biggest purpose of our tour is to show another reality of Rio de Janeiro and along with that, give opportunity of work for those who lives in the community. We do not say we help, we show it to you as the guide lives inside the favela and also study in our Tourism Workshop inside Rocinha.

Price with discount for internet clients with transportation from Copacabana. Please check availability in advance and
onsult prices for transportation in other neighborhoods. Minimum 2 people.


Toll Free in Rio 0800 282 6972
(55 21) 99222.6972
(55 21) 96972-1234
(55 21) 2179-6972
Don't forget to mention that you are an internet client to guarantee the price - you need to book in advance - by e-mail or phone.
Price per person | R$75,00
*Also optional with lunch.

Guaranteed prices for reservations made minimum two days in advance.



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Credits to: John Ryan - Sandiego State University - Geography Dept.
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This not only give to them work and education as improves both, their knowledge and their self-esteem. The reality is that Rocinha, despite its limitations, is different from that and on the tour we show you different culture, development and several activities they execute to make a living - from making handcraft to recycling plastic. In this regard, Rocinha is unique compared to other slums in Brazil, and indeed the world.  The locals visitors and their response has been highly positive as we are very sensitive and respectful about the dignity and privacy of them. The community respect and supports our tour because they are aware of the Sustainable Project and its benefits.


“It's unique because local children act as the tour guides”.

By Steve Kingstone, BBC NEWS, 2003.

“Nous vous conseillons Exotic Tours non seulement pour le professionnalisme des guides mais aussi et surtout pour les programmes sociaux que Rejane Reis a développés au sein de la favelha de Rocinha”. - 2003.

“Thanks to Rejane Reis, through her business, Exotic Tours, Reis has trained neighborhood young people to escort curious outsiders through the favelas.Reis' tourism workshop brings some money into the community”.
By Robert Cross, Chicago Tribune, 2002.



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